Agriculture (Livestock) Program



Improve production quality, ensure food security and develop market linkages and scale- up producers’ knowledge of modern mechanization to become financially stable.  


Agricultural production is the main source of rural livelihoods and guarantees food security of a nation and as our main source of income it provides stability to countless Afghan families. According to World Bank reports, more than 75% of Afghanistan’s population, and nearly 90% of those living under poverty line, live in rural areas. With a 25% contribution to GDP and about half of all households receiving income from agriculture, it has great potential and could be one of the main drivers of economic growth while reducing unemployment. Due to the country’s high population growth rate, agriculture will need to grow by at least 6% per year if rural incomes are to increase and community standards of living significantly improve. This is nearly twice as fast as its average growth rate over the past decade, and achieving it will be challenging and require revolutionary and game-changing policies with foreign direct investments. However, this would be possible given that, fortunately, Afghanistan has many catch-up opportunities —from revamping rural institutions to re-building infrastructure and updating technology, which greatly suffered during the years of conflict— and offers the possibility of faster agricultural growth. The agriculture sector has suffered from nearly 40 years of conflict, low investment and natural disasters caused by global warming. With the great potential lying in quality agricultural production, it needs to facilitate the socio-economic arrangements to reach the aim of Hunger Free Afghanistan


  • Agriculture input sourcing and distribution
    • Seeds and fertilizer
    • Agro-chemical Pesticides
    • Certified fruit saplings
    • Tools and farm equipment
  • Small-ruminant (goats and sheep’s) sourcing and distribution
  • Agriculture Production, Processing, and Marketing
    • Value Chain Development Approach
    • Market System Development Approach
    • Incorporation of scientific advances in Farming
  • Dairy Production, Processing Marketing and Livestock Vaccination
  • Poultry Production, Processing and Marketing
  • Agribusinesses Development Programs
    • Assessment and evaluation
    • Trainings for SMEs/Enterprises
      • Management trainings
      • Accounting and finance training
      • Marketing Training
      • Marketing Plan/Strategy Development
      • Product Labeling Processing and packaging
    • Trainings for women household producers and processors
      • Hygienic Processing
      • Dairy products processing
      • Livestock Management
      • Fruits and Vegetable drying and processing
      • Backyard Poultry Farming
      • Business registration guidance
    • Establishment of Greenhouses
    • Establishment of Kitchen Gardens
    • Fish Farms Establishment and Trainings
    • Mushroom cultivation (training and equipment’s)
    • Access to credit
    • Access to market or market linkages



  • Farmers Associations
  • Individual Farmers
  • Cooperatives
  • Agriculture Faculty Students
  • Input Dealers
  • Agribusinesses
  • Household Producers and Processors [particularly women]
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers


             TEST has implemented the follow Projects in agriculture sector:

  • Alternative Livelihood Projects and Initiatives to eradicate poppy production
  • Agriculture Support Projects with a focus on individual farmers, association, cooperatives, and unions. Ag-support initiatives for producers included distribution of Seeds, Fertilizer, Modern Farming Equipment and market linkages to ensure increased quality agriculture productivity and food security.
  • Management and implementation of livestock projects with a primary focus on women farmers and household producers of dairy products in Wardak province.
  • Management & Implementation of Apricot Drying training for women in Ghazni.
  • Management & Implementation of Pre harvest and Post-harvest management training for producers.
  • Management & Implementation of backyard poultry development projects.
  • Hygienic milking training for household producers of dairy products
  • Backyard Poultry management training for producers in Logar province.
  • Establishment of the kitchen garden.


The table below represents information on TEST-completed projects in the Agriculture sector.


Project Description


Seed Distribution to farmers in Laghman district. The project was funded by MAIL – under its wheat seed distribution program in 2015.


Carried out pickle and chutney production training for DAI – IDEA-NEW in Parwan district. Trained 40 women and provided them with essential equipment for home based production.


Provided home based dairy production training to 66 women in Maidan Wardak district. The project was funded by ICARDA and was successfully implemented in 2014.

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