Technical Education and Skills Training Organization

Technical Education and Skills Training Organization (TEST-O) is an Afghan nonprofit, nonpolitical and nongovernmental organization steadfast to the welfare and progress of Afghan people residing inside, returnees and refugees of the country.

TEST-O is specialized in Education, Poverty elimination, and sustainable development and has been established on February 25th, 2010. TEST-O seeks a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice where poverty has been overcome and everyone lives in dignity and security. TESTO aims to be a National Force and a partner of choice within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty and violence.

The Technical Education, and Skills Training Organization -TEST-O, desires sustainable development, transparency, equity, and the elimination of poverty in Afghan communities

The Technical Education, and Skills Training Organization -TEST-O, has been supporting locally based structures evolving the Civil Society Organizations, and community-based local structures, providing technical capacity building, and reconciliation support in various manners; through providing theoretical knowledge and live practices with related stakeholders, especially targeting the women, youth, vulnerable and disables.

  • Needy and vulnerable residents are supported, motivated, and mobilized through an expert team.
  • To build the capacity of Afghan youth, women, girls, boys, men, and the disabled in improving their skills and employment opportunities.
  • To increase Afghan students (girls and boys) access to Basic and Higher Education programs by providing short and long-term Community-Based Education Systems.
  • Work closely with Aid Agencies in all emergencies to assess, mobilize, and support their goals in targeted geogr
  • Design and implement programs in line with stakeholders’ priorities that contribute to the economic development of people below the poverty line, create employment opportunities and advocate for raising awareness to scale up the existing understanding of afghan individuals and communities.
  • Coordinate with civil society actors, clubbing efforts with local NGOs, existing alliances, and community leaders to avoid duplication of efforts and overcome discrepancies and challenges in all implementations

Technical Education and Skill Training (TEST-O) will consider the following core values in all developmental activities as well as in its internal structure:

  • Respect for humanity 
  • Respect for cultural diversity and beliefs of others
  • Gender equity
  • Special attention to vulnerable groups in the society
  • Consultative decision-making
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency and accountability
  • No discrimination
  • Value opinions of the opposite side
  • Belief in the principle of non-violence
  • Respect for the principle of democracy
  • Collaboration and Democrac

TESTO has made registrations with the following ministries as per the rule and regulation of Afghanistan:

NO#NameLicense No
1Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan1613
2Ministries of Labor Social Affairs Martyrs and Disables of Afghanistan4
3Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Afghanistan534
4Ministry of Education of Afghanistan323
5Ministry of Cultural and Youth of Afghanistan114

TESTO has made effective efforts in the field of coordination and networking with other institutions mentioned below:

1United nation world food program (UNWFP)
2Afghan Women Network (AWN)
3Afghan Anti-Corruption Network (AAN)
4Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau (ANCB)
5Afghan Civil Society Election Network (ACSEN)
6Afghan Civil Society Forum Organization Network (ACSFON)
7Afghan Women Education Center Gender Network (AWECGN)
8Afghan Civil Society Organization Network for Peace (ACSONP)
9Counterpart International as Civil Society Organization (ACSFO/CPI/USAID)
10Peace Council of Afghanistan (PCA)
11Agency Coordinating body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR)
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