Back in 2010, more than a decade ago a team of highly qualified afghan individuals with decades of experiences in relief and development projects, decided to form an NGO to assist rural population of the country to access donor assistance and to overcome the socioeconomic challenges in remote rural areas. Despite the relentless efforts of international community since 2001, rural population of the country still had limited access to education, quality health services, and economic development opportunities. TESTO was initially founded by a group of qualified  afghans in 2010 with the aim to respond to diverse needs of rural communities by delivering emergency relief, healthcare, shelter, food & cash assistance, access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, access formal & informal education and trainings, as well as legal and protection services for individuals and communities with a focus on youth, women and children.

TESTO is registered as a national NGO with the ministry of economy and headquartered at Kabul. The organization expanded its operations to cover rural communities under its mandate in 34 provinces by provisioning of assistance to disadvantaged and sidelined communities who have been impaired by the political turmoil, economic breakdown, armed conflicts, terrorism, and natural disasters.

Throughout these years TESTO carried out impactful public awareness campaigns on critical health issues, Primary education, Good Governance, Women and Child rights while implemented training programs to scale up the existing understandings and train skilled beneficiaries who are equipped and facilitated at every point till we achieve desired impacts in their lives. We empower youth through skill development programs designed according to market demand in the Afghanistan. Moreover, vocational trainings were designed and delivered to household women in handicrafts, tailoring, home-based dairy processing, candle making, kitchen gardens, and entrepreneurship training for empowered women to connect to international markets.

In collaboration with a variety of civil society organizations, TESTO has implemented humanitarian relief interventions in various domains like fight against hunger and eradicate chronic poverty; We have designed formal and informal educational opportunities to reduce illiteracy; provided rural population access to healthcare and better public services delivery. We have organized training programs with a prime focus on technical and vocational trainings and entrepreneurship encouraging and inspiring downtrodden widows, orphans, disabled, street children.

The span of our activities and experience expanded from agriculture and livestock sector to community development programs including; social cohesion, advocacy groups, peaceful coexistence and traditional conflict resolution. We recently expanded our mandate to ignored issues like youth bulge and how to diffuse its social implications, turning talented youth into the power to change the fate of Nation. We arrange trainings to enhance emotional Intelligence of youth who are enlightened and more resilient towards the conflicts and transitions

TESTO through its dynamic and committed executive team has put together critical organizational policies and guidelines and always adhere to international finance and procurement best practices in order to ensure transparency, accountability and smooth flow of day to day conducts.

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