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Technical Education and Skills Training Organization `{`TESTO`}`

has built its capacity in project management and improved the quality of services it delivers to the society since its establishment1. TEST was able to uninterruptedly increase span of its activities, coverage area, and the quality as well as diversity of its various services. Having had remarkable achievements in the field of literacy training, vocational training, civic education, peace building, human rights, social, health and hygiene awareness, TESTO has implemented over 30 small and medium sized projects with satisfactory results and greater impacts. Our senior management i.e. Board of Directors held the highest power of decision-making and responsibly create the vision, mission, and goals of the organization as deemed necessary for rural, economic, and social development of afghan population. At the last Annual General Meeting (AGM), The Board of Directors has emphasized on and highlighted new focus areas for 2022. The BoD has fully shifted TESTO focus towards addressing the current humanitarian crises by partnering with local and international organization to respond to the need of targeted population who lives below the poverty line. It was decided during the last AGM (Annual General Meeting of the BoD) that TESTO will shift its focus from education and capacity building towards the following critical areas;

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To be an effective, reliable, innovative, and pioneer NGO in the field of delivering humanitarian aid to the most affected communities and individuals in Afghanistan.


To Support, Coordinate, and Assist donor priorities/programs in emergency shelter, food and non-food seasonal support, and protection sectors. We work with Aid Agencies to scale up the exiting capacity of people, create employment, and with socio economic evelopment initiatives.


To address the current complex humanitarian crises, severe hunger, and economic difficulties, TESTO has fully shifted its focus towards supporting the ongoing efforts of the United Nations and other key stakeholders in different provinces in Afghanistan.

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